A Fairytale Wedding Princess Hand Bouquet

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A Fairytale Wedding Princess Hand Bouquet

For almost as long as there have been weddings, flowers have played an important role in the celebration.

In selecting the flowers for your bridal bouquet, you want to consider those that best expresses your personality, complements your wedding gown and the colours in accordance to your wedding theme. 

Like a fairytale, this stunning bouquet expresses love and purity and is a perfect match for a white wedding gown. 

Composed of white satin roses, pearls and rhinestones, it exudes a princess feel to its overall aesthetics. 

The bouquet carries about a total of 45-60 roses depending on the size and design of the bouquet selected. The quantity of roses varies because different sizes of roses may be used to complement the colours and designs presented to you. 

We highly recommend all brides-to-be to purchase their hand bouquets early to avoid sold-out disappointment.

All our stocks are genuinely handmade and requires crafting time. A good time to purchase your hand bouquet is about a month before your actual wedding date, or even earlier for some if you are scheduled for an early bridal photoshoot. 

And yes! We even do deliveries right up to your doorstep, church or your wedding designated hotel too!

Choosing The Right Bouquet

1. Please consider the colour of your wedding gown for the day. Traditional pure white grandes and your evening gown may vary greatly in colours, thus you may like to consider ordering 2 different colour bouquets to complement a good match. You want to pick a hand bouquet that reflects your style and personality, as well as it can also become the limelight to your dress. 

2. Size of the hand bouquet matters. 

A petite bride will benefit from a smaller bridal bouquet because it will accentuate her physique. For taller or for brides with a bigger physique, a slightly bigger bouquet will be more suitable so that your overall appearance will be able to project grace and confidence. 

Here we offer 2 good standard sizes: (in diameter)

  • 20cm Hand Bouquet - For ladies with height 150cm - 170cm.
  • 22cm Hand Bouquet - For ladies above height 170cm. 

**Please note that our bouquet roses are 100% handmade silk satin roses. Please also make sure to choose the right bouquet size that matches your height.

For questions, please do drop us an email at: questions@ilyf.com.sg


How Big is this Bouquet? 

This bouquet measures 30cm in height and a diameter of 20cm / 22cm depending on your selection. 

Delivery Information

***Please note that receipts for proof of payment will be issued upon checkout to guarantee order/bouquet delivery. We will always send you a delivery notification within 24 to 48 hours once we have your order processed and ready for postage or doorstep delivery. Please allow 5 - 8 business days for your order to be shipped/delivered to you upon confirmation. 

Priority processing and handling will be given to pre-orders based on first come first served basis.  

Dedicated doorstep delivery is FREE for this item, and is applicable to one single addressee in mainland Singapore only except for CBD, Jurong Industrial Area/Tuas, Ocean Drive (Sentosa), Marina Bay Sands/Seletar Area. 


Terms and Conditions

Dedicated doorstep delivery option is offered to ensure that item is delivered in good quality condition as man-made defects may be caused during the process of delivery under normal postage.

All other postage charges will be waived should you be purchasing other smaller items on top of this purchase. This is because we will work to combine subsequent purchases together with the bouquet delivery itself. Unless if orders are unable to be packed for into a single parcel, you will be notified of by our packing personnel during order processing time. 

Free delivery is applicable for one single addressee in mainland Singapore only. 

Minimum purchase of S$80.00 applies for Jurong Industrial Area/Tuas, Ocean Drive (Sentosa), Marina Bay Sands/Seletar Area. 

Delivery may take up to 2 - 3 business days upon order confirmation. Please also allow 24-48 hours of processing time for us to process and send out your packages after your order is confirmed. 


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